testimonials from our clients

"Pichinku is a team full of woman power. Dana and the girls are passionate about every little detail: harvesting the plants, dyeing the yarns and sharing their experiences, all the while radiating an impressively contagious love.
Working with them is always a pleasure. I receive snaps of the process, keeping me up to date, and it's impossible not to want to be there with them, learning about these ancient techniques of the Peruvian highlands.
I also work with artisans in Lima and when they weave with Pichinku yarns, it feels like coming full circle. I have no words for that incredible feeling."
Gabriela, founder of Soil & Co, Lima
"I have such deep gratitude for the whole Pichinku team.  When I went looking for a botanically dyed cotton yarn to add to my little farm business's offerings, I got so much more than yarn.  Pichinku  is such a special combination of artistry, community, natural beauty and friendship. 
And the yarn!  Such gorgeous cotton yarn!  The brilliant colors and amazing texture have been bringing life to knitted and woven projects of mine and my customers.
They love to hear the stories about how the yarn comes to be dyed and the little community of women who do the beautiful work.  We are all so excited about the coming spring/summer collection that Dana helped me create. Thank you, Pichinku!"
TeDi, owner of Timber and Twine, Fort Collins
"I had been following and stalking Pichinku for more than a year before deciding to give their naturally dyed yarn a try. I wrote in and Dana replied so quickly and very kindly helped with all of my questions.
I am a natural dyer myself and after receiving my first order I knew 'I have to add Pichinku yarns to my shop!' The quality is unlike other naturally dyed yarn I’ve bought before. All the colours are beautiful and dyed very evenly regardless of yarn base. Many colours also derive from plants not available in Singapore so they allow me to offer hues I can’t achieve here."
Autumn, founder of With Autumn, Singapore

"We love this gorgeous rainbow of Peruvian colors! Each skein is so soft and unique that they give every project a special value and luxury finish. This yarn, no doubt, is unlike any other on the market. We can feel Pichinku’s values in their fibers and their amazing customer service - warm, kind and efficient. We appreciate the perseverance of their team to be socially conscious, sustainable and to keep empowering women day after day."

Nuria & Alba, founders of GANXXET, Miami


 "'What a lovely view. What a lovely scent. How lovely to touch!' is what I thought when I opened this long travelled box of yarn. I love the fact that the dyers are named on every skein. The colours of this plant dyed yarn are so fantastic to mix. They all combine beautifully. Dear women of Pichinku, wonderful work and thank you!"

Manja, owner of Maschenwunder, Hamburg


 "I am a process-driven designer and for me, the true value lies in the process in which my garments are made, from fiber to the final product. I appreciate the slow and beautiful approach that the Pichinku team has taken the time to develop and perfect to achieve such beautiful hues in the natural dye process. From the sourcing of her raw materials with her team to the presentation of the final product the whole process is so holistic and beautiful and I just fell in love with it. That tied with Pichinku's great communication has made me feel I am working with trusted and responsible partners."

Daniella, founder of Ajaie Alaie, Brooklyn