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TEXTILE KEYCHAIN - naturally dyed, handwoven

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TEXTILE KEYCHAIN - naturally dyed, handwoven
TEXTILE KEYCHAIN - naturally dyed, handwoven
TEXTILE KEYCHAIN - naturally dyed, handwoven

*all single keychains and keychain packs come in assorted colors - please write to us if you have specific color requests*

Handwoven at the Pichinku workshop with botanically dyed wool, each keychain is decorated with a traditional Cusco design known as "pallay" in the Quechua language. 

Textile keychains are thoughtful gifts for loved ones, yourself or both! Each purchase directly contributes to the preservation of Andean weaving traditions.

Please note that colors will vary between computer-phone-tablet monitors and dye baths, and though we try our best to post color-accurate photos, variations should be anticipated. For any questions or concerns about color exactness, please contact us!

Natural dyes fade beautifully with time and may run a bit when washed but will retain their vibrancy with proper care. We recommend hand washing in cold water with a drop of pH neutral detergent and laying flat to dry away from direct sunlight.

Why pH neutral detergent?

Most commercial, even all natural detergents, are acidic or alkiline solutions that could alter naturally dyed colors. For example, we use citric acid or lime juice as a modifier to dye bright reds with cochineal. An acidic (or alkiline) detergent can have a similar result, breaking down dyes and changing colors even in the first wash.

Need help finding a pH neutral detergent to care for your naturally dyed yarns? Email us at!

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