workshops in Peru

Join the Pichinku girls at our workshop in the Sacred Valley of Cusco for an unforgettable experience of culture and color!

 Our workshops are intimate experiences for small groups to learn about techniques that have been practiced for thousands of years in Peru. Roll up your sleeves to work hands-on with Peruvian fibers, locally collected dye plants, the traditional backstrap loom and drop spindle.

workshops are 2 hours long and include a light snack and coffee/tea. half day or full day workshops also available.

for more information or to reserve, please email: 

Pichinku is a social enterprise that is committed to preserving the rich cultural and environmental heritage of the Andes. Each workshop directly benefits the preservation of artisanal techniques and the well-being of those that practice them. 

 Workshops include: bi-lingual guide (if needed), all dye materials, wool yarn* (that clients will dye themselves and keep), light snack and coffee/tea

Workshops do not include: transfer to-from Calca, but we will gladly help to arrange transport from your accommodations

*Fiber included for the workshops is a medium quality wool yarn, suited for teaching/learning purposes. We can provide higher quality yarn (baby alpaca or merino wool) if desired by the client with at least one week’s notice before the workshop date and at an additional charge.