social & environmental policy

  • Artisan Rights and Well Being

Pichinku production is free of any form of discrimination, harassment or abuse, and all artisan partners work of their own free will. Production decisions are made in collaboration with artisans, with mutual respect for conflicting time or personal obligations, and without fear of recrimination. 

  • Fair Compensation and Benefits

Pichinku artisan partners are paid in a timely manner at above the statutory minimum wage, and are assisted in the proper registration of payments with the SUNAT (Peruvian tax and revenue body). No pay deductions based on quality criteria nor limitations on pursuing additional income-making opportunities are imposed on artisans. 

  • Child Advocacy and Protection

No children under lawful age of employment are involved in any step of artisan production. 

  • Environmental Care

Pichinku fibers are sourced exclusively from cruelty free facilities and dyed using botanical materials that are locally sourced in sustainable quantities. Artisan production practices energy conservation, natural resource conservation, solid waste disposal and wastewater remediation always and whenever possible. 

  • Health and Safety

Pichinku operates in the homes of our artisan partners, located in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, and prioritizes the physical health, mental health and safety of all team members. Proper safety measures are practiced, and workspaces are spacious, well ventilated and kept orderly.

  • Transparent Records and Legal Compliance

Pichinku is a formally incorporated “anonymous society” Peruvian company and operates in compliance with all statutory requirements. We are committed to transparency in maintaining records of policies, expenses, operations, wages and production site locations. These records are compiled at the end of each calendar year, and available upon request in digital format.